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Immersive Experience

Combine the real world with the digital universe For us humans experience is everything. It’s how we connect to the world with our senses. Image how your digital product or service could look like if you can integrate it within the real world… immersive experiences combines the digital universe with our world. It’s an interesting way how […]

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What kind of people are your users Successful applications solve problems for the user. The first step is to understand the audience of your application. A useful approach is to describe the users with a persona. The persona is a profile that includes a story about your user including the situation, context, problems, etc.. With

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Pull the user into the spell of a rousing story People love stories. We have been telling each other stories since the dawn of mankind. If we want to convey values, emotions and information to other people in an understandable way, then stories are ideal. Stories create images in our heads. Stories can be exciting

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User Journey

Review every touchpoint of the user’s journey You deal with experience design. You are developing a new service that fits your brand identity and values or you are redesigning an existing product to give your customers a better experience. Experience design, however, is a discipline that should not be limited to just one product or

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Agile and Open

Create an open space for new ideas and improvements You need to create an open space for new ideas and improvements if you want to provide great experiences for your users. In a safe environment, new and innovative ideas from employees can grow and be discussed with respect. This brings new aspects and perspectives into

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Get User-Feedback

Test your design with real users …again and again Imagine: You are creating awesome concepts for a complex use case. But when you go live there are a lot of problems. But you don’t know why? Try this: Build a prototype of your solution and test it as early as possible with your users. It

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Upside Down

What would be the complete opposite of your current ideas? You want to meet your evil twin? 😉 Use this technique to find new perspectives and inspiration. It’s not only useful for experience design, but for all type of creative work and solution finding processes. You want to deliver a superior experience to your users,

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A new Perspective

Invite others to get an external point of view Are you hanging on to a problem? 😕 You can’t find a new and innovative way? 😟 Do you urgently need some inspiration? 😠 If you want to move forward, then invite other people to work with your team. It’s inspiring, everyone can learn a lot

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Brand Experience

Act according your brand identity and values with everything you do It seems obvious, but a lot of companies – including some of the big ones – don’t align their brand identity and values when it comes to engaging with customers at different touchpoints. Usually great care is taken to ensure that the values are

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Next Best Action

Think about what the user wants to do next In order to support the users in their way of life, it makes sense to anticipate what their next logical step may be. Be it suitable content on a website, relevant functions in an app or useful offers for everyday life. It gets exciting when you

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