July 2020

Start somewhere

Start Somewhere is a wonderful and innovative organization with a huge potential 🚀 We support them year-by-year instead of buying christmas gifts to our clients and partners. It makes us very happy and proud to see the first school house growing with their innovative building blocks 👏

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We know that we need special skills and mindset besides the “classic” professional skills to create wonderful, successful and sustainable digital solutions for our complex and beautiful world. 5 years ago the World Economic Forum stated that creativity will be one of the most required skills in 2020. Creativity will become one of the top

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Call for Optimism

We support and join #callforoptimism ✨ in a world of constant change, new challenges and unpredictability 🌍 Thank you Daniel for keeping the 48forward spirit during this difficult times 🙏 We really like the inspiring insights and ideas from all the speakers! Read more at optimism.do

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Together for Future

Working together on a common goal releases enormous potential 💪 especially when it goes beyond company boundaries. It is comparable to many small babbling brooks 💧 that together form a raging river 🌊That’s how we want to work on the future, that’s how we want to live. Join us on our journey into the future!

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