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Climate change is one of our biggest challenges for us humans. We need to take action now to save planet earth for us and our next generations. That is why we are part of the Leaders for Climate Action movement and started to reduce and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

We already started climate actions but we still have a lot of things to do to become a real climate neutral company.

Scope 1

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We use video conferencing instead of personal meetings wherever it makes sense. But establishing a trustful relationship with a new customer often requires face-to-face meetings at the beginning.

We use bicycle, public transport or walk by foot within the city wherever it is possible. Sometimes if we need to travel faster or over a longer distance we use a eScooter or a car sharing offer. If we use taxi we select electric or hybrid vehicles wherever possible.

We use train for traveling between cities. Flying with a plane is only allowed if there is no other opportunity (e.g. traveling from Europe to America).

We offer our employees free bikes to help them traveling climate friendly while working and in their private life.

We use our bezero app to track and offset our mobility related emissions.

We are using shared space offices which already includes power and heating services. Some of the services are not climate friendly. We try to push the office space community to select green energy and green gas for heating. In the meantime we are offsetting the existing emissions.

We try to select service providers regarding their sustainability concepts and climate protection commitment. Unfortunately we are not able to select only climate friendly solutions depending on the required functionality. We are asking always for climate neutrality to show our demand for sustainability and offset existing emissions.

We offer regional, vegetarian and vegan food and beverages at our own events. We love organic food. We try to avoid meat at business lunches and dinners.

We all care about the climate and try to reduce our personal emissions. We help each other with exchanging information, experience and knowledge. But there are still emissions that cannot be avoided today.

We offer free offsetting of climate gas emissions of our employees private life.

We support climate strikes. Our employees can raise their voice and take part at climate strikes during their working hours. We created an internal budget to pay loan for this engagement.

We are still working with a traditional german bank but we want to change to a sustainable bank in the near future. Currently we are searching for a banking service that fits to our needs.

We are currently calculating scope 1 emissions. All emissions that we currently cannot avoid will be offset with certified climate projects.

In the future we want to calculate scope 3, but we need more information from our partners and suppliers. Not all of them are ready to provide the required details.

We push partners and suppliers to help us achieving scope 3.

Good in progress...

Climate Strikes

Action required...

Office Building
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Food and Beverages
Scope 3

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