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We are looking for curious minds with a getting things done attitude
who share our values and love to learn everyday.

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Every new day we at budo try to push existing boundaries to a new level. We try to achieve new, innovative and successful solutions for our customers. We do not have hierarchies. We work together with respect, commitment, trust and open mindsets. We love to co-create in diverse teams. We care about our environment and try to solve big challenges. We want to make the world a better place with every project that we make. We ask us everyday: “What can we do to be better than yesterday”

If you feel that you fit perfectly into our team, then tells us your story.

We are a small dedicated team and we are looking for curious, talented and motivated people. We offer a very personal, friendly, honest and respectful working environment. We are very flexibel (working hours, working location, …) and this requires flexibility from all team members. We offer a very interesting working experience with great projects.

You have skills in complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and cognitive flexibility. You are a developer, designer, a talented person or care about people’s desire.

You are reliable and 100% commited to the project’s goals. You are a respectful, fair and motivated team-player.

You are curious, fascinated about the world and you want to understand how things are working. You’re also passionate about startups and technology.

We are a dedicated and small team of experts. We want to make our clients very successful and our world a better place. We want to create digital solutions that are focused on user’s needs.

We care about our planet and our nature. We want always to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We want to improve and learn.

Trust and commitment is very important to us. We are working on eye-level and have no hirarchies. We are respectful, fair and love diversity. Diversity helps us to see things differently and new perspectives. We love working in co-creation. It’s the highest form of learning. And it helps us to create exceptional solutions.

Yes, of cause. We are already working with freelancers and small partner agencies.

We are looking for seniors as well as juniors, students and everything in between. The right attitude and willingness to learn is more important to us than just experience.