November 2020

From Idea to Product

How do you find the holy grail? ✨🏆✨ Ok, we are neither magicians nor gods, but we are a highly qualified, highly efficient and highly motivated team and on a mission: With our services, we want to help other companies to use the advantages and opportunities of the digitization movement for themselves. ✔️ Sounds laborious, […]

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Brand Experience

Act according your brand identity and values with everything you do It seems obvious, but a lot of companies – including some of the big ones – don’t align their brand identity and values when it comes to engaging with customers at different touchpoints. Usually great care is taken to ensure that the values are

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Next Best Action

Think about what the user wants to do next In order to support the users in their way of life, it makes sense to anticipate what their next logical step may be. Be it suitable content on a website, relevant functions in an app or useful offers for everyday life. It gets exciting when you

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Connect to the user

Test different call-to-action with your users Why? Call-to-action acts as a user guide designed to assist the user in finding the next appropriate step in using your product or service. Depending on your audience, different designs, styles and descriptions convert better than others. The solution Try to use different styles and texts and test the

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