October 2020

Change the Perspective

Talk about the possibilities for your users Why? Many SME have an issue in their corporate communication. They build the content and information architecture by themselves or hire a small agency without digital experience. The result: A lot of websites describe products or services just in a technical way. Or even worse: The description is […]

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Experience Design

Starting with this post, we will give you insights and tips regarding experience design and how we approach this creative field. Today we will start with one of our core methodologies to develop experience design in an agile and iterative way. The Lean Startup In order to develop a fantastic product or service that is

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Keep the Harmony

We believe that harmony ✨ is one of the key elements in life. A balance between the different poles or perspectives. A balance between different goals. A balance between business and social impact. This approach allows us to develop sustainable, successful concepts for an increasingly complex world. We remain flexible in an infinite game. And

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Beautiful Allgäu

Just in time for the 3rd company anniversary 🥳, we are pleased that we have now officially arrived in the beautiful Allgäu 🏔 and, in addition to our location in Munich, we are also able to implement exciting projects with relevance, sustainability and our values here 🤗 If you want to find out more: Let’s

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