Next Best Action

4 Jahren her

Think about what the user wants to do next

In order to support the users in their way of life, it makes sense to anticipate what their next logical step may be. Be it suitable content on a website, relevant functions in an app or useful offers for everyday life.

It gets exciting when you offer users suitable options with decision-making aids. It is very important that the differences between the options as well as the pros and cons must be quickly comprehensible.

Here is an example of mobility.
It is 7:00 am and you are sitting at breakfast. You can choose from the following options when commuting to work:

🚙 Take the car
21min (+ time for finding a parking spot), 1.50 €, 1kg CO2, 29kcal

🚃 Use public transport
22min, 1.80 €, 0.01kg CO2, 35kcal, 12min time to read

🚴‍♀️ Riding a bicycle
23min, 0.00 €, 0kg CO2, 115kcal, a lot of fresh air 🏆

Which variant would you choose?