Get User-Feedback

3 Jahren her

Test your design with real users …again and again

Imagine: You are creating awesome concepts for a complex use case. But when you go live there are a lot of problems. But you don’t know why?

Try this: Build a prototype of your solution and test it as early as possible with your users. It need not to be a real application. Paper based sketches are great when testing first ideas.
And then the magic happens: The users act different than you expected. Because they are other people with other background and other experience. But you will get interesting insights when you see how your users will interact with your prototype. Use this new information and upgrade your prototype and test again… and again… and again.

Your solution will mature and will meet your users need!

This is human centered design or user centric development. Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, etc. are doing the same to focus on the users requirements.