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Value Driven

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Fast Prototyping

To get your digital solutions successfully on the road, on schedule and on budget, we offer prototyping and software development services. This includes the development of the first prototypes up to the MVP-based product.

Experience Design

For an inspiring user experience that is in harmony with the brand identity and values, we offer our experience design services and create user interfaces that connect emotionally to the users and are authentic. Form follows function and value.

Proof of Concept

Choosing the right technology is an important factor for success. It is therefore often required to evaluate technologies with a proof-of-concept for the given use case. We offer progress driven technical function tests that support the tech-stack selection.

Together with our partners, we can support projects with a lot of different app and web technologies.

Experience from 25+ years

We help companies of any size to kick-start their digital solutions. We created solutions in the area of mobility, digital identity and security, climate-, prop- and fin-tech – but we are open for challenges from other areas too. We design wonderful digital experiences, develop prototypes and applications based on software or hardware, setup technical proof-of-concepts to validate complex interfaces and data transformations. We analyze technical systems to evaluate their value in our customers‘ use cases. Our founder setup his first company in 1996. Since then, he and his team have carried out many exciting projects for a lot of different companies.

Open + Flexible

We adapt to the mission every single day


Our purpose to exist is to make a positive impact on the world. We believe that we are most effective and successful when we trust in our values and conviction. That’s why we love to work with companies that share the same values.


Flexibility is important if you want to achieve something relevant. You can learns something new with every step you take. We like to be agile, because that’s the only way we constantly improve and achieve great things.


We are experienced and highly qualified. But working together in a mixed team can create unrivaled solutions that are way much better. That’s why we love to work in diverse, interdisciplinary and open-minded teams.
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Case Studies

Climate Tracking

Learn more about how we created the first MVP of the bezero app using fast prototyping techniques within 30 days.

User Experience

Learn more about how we created the experience design for the new website reflecting the new relaunched brand identity.

Mobility Prediction

Learn more about how we created a mobility detection and prediction feature on a smartphone as an enabler for several use cases.

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Improve your kick-start skills for digital solutions

Process Automation

95% more efficient in just 4 weeks?  In our last project, we supported a startup in automating their lead and offer process. At the beginning

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Immersive Experience

Combine the real world with the digital universe For us humans experience is everything. It’s how we connect to the world with our senses. Image

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What kind of people are your users Successful applications solve problems for the user. The first step is to understand the audience of your application.

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Our commitment to the future

We want our planet to remain livable for future generations. Therefore, we will plant a tree for every day our customers are charged. This is how we support global reforestation. We will calculate our support at regular intervals and plant via freetree.io

We are member of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative. Every member is committed to take climate action to reduce the carbon emissions and offset the remaining amount. As one of the first companies in this initiative, budo is climate neutral since September 2020.
bezero is our startup that helps individuals to find out more about their greenhouse gas emissions from their mobility behavior. In addition to the bezero app, we developed an emotional unit called tree years, which describes how long a tree has to grow to offset the emissions, instead of using weights as an abstract unit.

We are sponsoring member of the Bündnis für Klima-Positives Verhalten e.V.. This is an organization that awards the „Marketing for Future Award“ to companies which have marketing strategies and concepts that communicate for real climate protection.

Since many years we are supporting the wonderful startsomewhere.eu project. It will set up small businesses in the poorest regions of our world that can independently produce an innovative house building block. With this component flexible and stable houses and buildings are built that are functional, aesthetic, and inexpensive. The first project is to build a school in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.

We love the idea of Sono Motors and their vision, values and drive. The team is really trying to break new ground and consistently launch a climate-friendly mobility solution.
We participated in the „50 million in 50 days“ financing campaign and gave Sono Motors a 5-year loan. 

Perfect Match?

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Co-Creation is better together

With our partners we are able to support digital solutions in a holistic approach. With their unique skills we can address more aspects during the early stage development and in phases before and afterwards. More areas of technology and product research, product strategy and validation, development of high performance and complex software, cloud solutions, internet-of-things, content creation and even digital marketing.

Ticket to the future

Every good thing starts with a conversation​

Sometimes it only takes a few words to explore the common path.

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