Case Study • Proof-of-Concept

Mobility Prediction

Evaluate technical Opportunities

The Mission

One of our customers asked us if we could predict the future. Especially the future mobility behavior of a car owner. There are a lot of possible use cases that could be realized with the knowledge of the user’s mobility demand calculated with a mobility prediction feature.

The Challenge

There are some scientific papers on the topic of mobility behavior prediction of people, but these are based on formulas for statistical software, which cannot be used directly in a real customer centric digital solution. An adaptive calculation for mobility prediction was required.

The Solution

We developed a Swift based library that can automatically detect car rides, cluster places and predict the future mobility of the user based on location and time. The solution can now generate car data without the need to integrate into existing vehicle backend-infrastructure.

Project Summary

  • Project time: 16 weeks
  • Technology: Pure Swift / iOS
  • Ideas for use cases with mobility prediction: Ride pooling, on-demand mobility offers, climate protection, intelligent energy management, vehicle pre-conditioning, micro-targeting, …

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