Case Study • Fast Prototyping

Agile Development

From idea to the first digital product in 30 days

The Mission

bezero wants to make a relevant contribution to climate protection. The aim is to help users understand their own impact on climate change and how they can take action in everyday life.

The Challenge

The task was to find a suitable methods that would reach, motivate and support the users in everyday life. It must be easy and fun to use.

We had to develop new ideas, prioritized and evaluated them in surveys. And we need to define the scope of the first MVP.

The Solution

We created the bezero MVP app that automatically detects the mobility patterns and calculates the climate impact of every car ride. The user is notified directly after a trip with an emotional message that describes how long a tree has to grow in average to offset the emissions of this trip. To evaluate the user acceptance of the initial business case we integrated the complete journey from detection to offsetting the emissions using ApplePay.

Project Summary

  • Project time: 30 days
  • Prototypes: Paper, Clickdummy and Swift App
  • Additional Technology: budo Mobility Detection Kit for iOS, Stripe Payment

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