Case Study • Experience Design + Proof-of-Concept

Real Social Dating

Feeling comfortable while meeting new people

The Mission

We asked ourselves: What can a dating app look like that helps you meet new people in real life without having to leave your comfort zone too much?

The Challenge

The idea was to make a game where people would have to find other players and prove the hit by holding their smartphones close together. Gamification helps to define a meeting structure in which both players can leave the situation without simply leaving the other behind.

The Solution

The game concept was designed as a UX prototype. The concept was tested with an app that has implemented the relevant technology (find nearby players, measuring distance). We used haptic feedback to increase the excitement while the players approach each other. That makes really fun 🙂

Project Summary

  • Project time: 30 days
  • Prototypes: Paper, Clickdummy and Swift App

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