Case Study • From Idea to Product

Smart Parking App

Creating a brand new Digital Solution

The Mission

ParkHero wanted to stop the parking issues in urban areas. About 30% of the traffic in the city belongs to searching for a parking spot. A peer to peer exchange between drivers should solve this problem.

The Challenge

To create a high scaling digital solution, every hussle must be removed from the user to get high acceptance rates. Therefore the detection of available parking spots must be done automatically in the background without any interaction of the user.

The Solution

We created an automated mobility detection feature for smartphones, that recognizes the departure and soon to be departure events from the mobile device as part of the app that provides the information about available parking spots with a friendly user interface.

Project Summary

  • Project time: 12 months
  • What we did: Prototyping, Experience Design, Proof-of-Concepts, App Development, Consulting

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