Case Study • Proof-of-Concept

iBeacon App

Location based Brand Experience

The Mission

We were asked if it’s possible to create a unexpected and inspiring experience for visitors of a large building that connects between visitors and the objects on site.

The Challenge

iBeacons is a technology that enables location-based experiences indoors, too, without a user having to actively start the interaction. However, it was not clear how the building and the existing materials would conflict to the user experience with the use of iBeacon technology.

The Solution

We created a proof-of-concept scenario within a building, placed iBeacons at objects on site and developed an iOS app that unlocks content when the user approaches the object. We collected information and improved the app until the user experience was satisfying.

Project Summary

  • Project time: 6 months
  • Our work: Proof-of-Concept, MVP-based App Development, Experience Design

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